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      使用前須對吊鉤、起重鏈條、制動裝置等機件及 潤滑情況進行檢查.認為完好無損后再使用。使用時 必須嚴守下面九條安全事項。

      Before lifting, inspect carefully the hooks, the load chain, the brake device and lubrication of the block put it into operation

      For safe operation, you must keep six rules as following.

      1起吊重物不得超 過手拉葫蘆的規定起重量。

      Don' t lift any load excceeding the rated eapacity of the chain block
    Don’t use more than one piece of chain block to lift one single load
    Don’ t pull up too high or too down.

    4、發現手拉鏈條拉不動時不可猛拉,更不 能增加人員,應立即停 止使用。

    In case of the hand chain fails to move, don’ t pull it violenty or by increasing force. Stop operation and proceed inspectoon of the chain block.


    To avoid accidents, working or passing under a lifting load is stricly forbiden.


    Don’t use, when the chain is kinking.

    7. 不可橫拉重物。 Don1 t get the load dragged of the crossing.


      No wild throwing or rough handling of chain blocks.




      No twising. No capsizing for two falls of chains.



      ©使用完畢后,應將葫蘆上的泥垢擦凈,存 放在干燥地點,防止受潮生銹和腐蝕。

      @每年應由熟悉葫蘆機構者,用煤油清洗機 件,在齒輪和軸承部分,加黃油潤滑,防止 不懂葫蘆性能原理者隨意拆裝。

      @齒輪安裝時,應使用兩只片輪的“0”字 標記安裝在同一直線上。

      ©起重鏈輪左右軸承的滾柱,可用黃油粘附 在已壓裝于起重鏈輪軸頸的軸承內圈上,再入 墻板的軸承外圈內。

      ©安裝制動裝置部分時,注意棘爪部嚙合良 好,彈簧對棘爪的控制應靈活可靠。裝上手鏈 輪后,順時針旋轉手鏈輪,應將棘輪、摩擦片壓

      緊在制動器座上,逆時針旋轉手鏈輪.棘輪與摩擦片 間應留有空隙。


      ®葫蘆經過清洗檢修后.應進行空載和重載試驗. 確認運正常,方可使用。

      ©在加油和使用過程中.制動裝置的摩擦表面必須保 持干凈,幷經常檢查制動性能.防止制動失靈引起重物 自墜。

      ©為了維護和拆卸方便,手鏈條其中一節系幵□鏈 (不焊,涂色)。

      Q After operation clean the chain block from dirt a門d keep it i門• a dry place from rust andcorrosion.

      @ Clean the chain block annually by purging the

      parts in kerosene and apply greas them.lt is advisable that the cleaning work should be one by skilled hands.

      ^ u0,f marks on the two disk gears should be aligned.

      © Stick the rollers of both left and right bearings to the inner race of the bearings on the chain sprocket shaft journal, and then put them into the outter race of the bearings on the side plates.

      @ While saambling the brakemechanism.care should be taken to mesh the slanting teeth of the ratchet discand the pawl. Make sure that the pawl is controlledby the spring sensitively and reliably.Then turn thehand wheel clockwise after screwing it onto the driving shaft, and it must press the disc and the plates on the brake seat. Turning it counterclockwise, there should be clearances between the disc and the plates.

      @ The stay and the right side plate are in transition fit . Care should be taken not to dismantle them.

      Q After cleaning and repair,the chain bloxk should be subjected to non-load and heavy load tests. If it works normally out it into operation

      Keep clean the friction surface of the brake mechanism while lubricating or operating the chain block. Inspect the brake mechanism "frequently so as to avoid faulty braking of falling falling of load.

      For conveniense of maintenance and dismantling, one of the links of the hand chain is open,painted in color and not welded.

    型號 Model HSZ」1/2 HSZ-1 HSZ-IV2 HSZ-2 HSZ-3 HSZ-5 HSZ-10 HSZ-20
    起重量 Capacity 噸 t 0. 5 1 1. 5 2 3 5 10 20
    標準起重高度 Standard lifting height 米 m 2. 5 2. 5 2. 5 2. 5 3 3 '3 3
    試驗載荷 Test load 噸 t 0. 63 1. 25 2 2. 5 4 6. 3 12. 5 25
    兩鉤間最小距離 270 270 368 444 486 616 700 1000
    Hmin heardroom (hook to book)Hmin
    滿載時手鏈拉力 Chainpull to lift full load牛頓N 225 309 343 314 343 383 392 392
    起重鏈行數 No. of load chain fall lines 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 8
    起重鏈條圓鋼直徑 Diameter of load chain毫米mm 6 6 8 6 8 10 10 10
    主要尺寸 Diamensions 毫米刪 A 120 142 178 142 178 210 358 580
      B 108 122 139 122 139 162 162 189
      C 24 28 34 34 38 48 64 82
      D 120 142 178 142 178 210 210 210
    凈重 Net weight 公斤Kg 9.5 10 16 14 24 36 68 155
    裝箱毛重 Gross Weight 公斤Kg 12 13 20 17 28 45 83 193
    裝箱尺寸(長X寬X高) 28X21X17 30X24X18 34X29X20 33X25X19 38X30X20 45X35X24 62X50X28 70X46X75
    Packing measurement (L*W*H) ;里不
    起重高度每增加1米應增加的重量 Kg Extra weight meter of extra lift 厶叮 g 1.7 1.7 2.3 2.5 3.7 5.3 9.7 19.4